Need Clustering

Quantify aggregated customer needs

Need Monitoring

Monitor the development of different needs over time

Need Demography

Learn more about which users express which needs

1 Processed Tweets
1 Identified Customer Needs

We help you to address the real needs that customers willingly expressed – and not those one “might have”.

Business success is not random. Use the relevant data we gather for you and bring your innovation process to the next level.

Need Identification

Automatically identifying the instances on social media that do contain valuable customer need insights is like finding needles in the haystack. Thanks to our sophisticated and innovative machine learning techniques, we are able to identify these instances automatically – So you don’t miss out on any potential insight and you don’t need to look yourself. All done fully automatable and in a convenient way.

Need Clustering

Automatically find out which greater overall needs your customers have – and directly know what currently expressed inconveniences, wants, demands and requirements are. Address those needs in improved products or services – or create innovative new ones for a better and successful market penetration.

Need Quantification

Find out which overall needs are expressed how often – relatively and absolute. Prioritize your own innovation activities to address the most important concerns first and don’t waste time and money on insignificant requirements your customers don’t care about.

Need Monitoring

Customer needs change over time – be there and ready when it happens. The monitoring allows you to track different needs and forecast their development based on predictive analytics.